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& Design

This is the first step in our process, and often begun with a conversation to learn what problem you are trying to solve. We'll focus on who your target audience is, and capture the basic requirements of the project. After the conversation, we are able to put together our recommendations and submit a proposal. One of our philosophies include giving a design before you even hire gXe. It’s difficult for other agencies and clients to understand why we would do this. Look at it as a way for you to see we really listened during our conversation and “get it”. Is that design set in stone? No way, but in the proposal we explain our method and reasoning. If you want to change what you see, no problem, we’ll work on the design until everyone is happy.

Be forewarned though, when we have the first conversation with you, we may ask what seem to be silly questions. Yes, we really do need to know what colors you like, what other sites you like and would like to emulate towards. Many times the favorite sites have nothing to do with your industry. We have had real estate agents tell us they like transportation sites and boutique owners tell us they like cooking sites. Before contacting gXe, or any other web agency you should have the answers to these questions.

Areas of discovery and design include a project strategy, target audience, market research, creative design, informational architecture, database design, content recommendations.

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