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Development of site structure, and a technology assessment is the second step in gXe’s process.

Organized content ensures a smooth, user-friendly structure to follow. Just like building a house, you certainly wouldn’t try to build the second floor without first determining where and how big the stairs would be. This allows us to build the site using the appropriate technology for an engaging and functional website.

Programming does not begin until ALL content, including text and images have been received, or we're contracted to develop content. 

Why you ask?

Well, there is such a thing as “web creep”. No this isn’t the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s what happens after a customer absorbs the idea of spending a substantial amount of money on a major marketing initiative. You may say at first, oh no we won’t post news stories, but after we discuss the strategy your company should take, you may say….Hmm, it would be good to have a way to post news stories. Or, you may deliver an extensive amount of content that needs to be broken out into a different format to keep the integrity of the site and presentation of your company.

Moving onto programming...

Now we get into the meat of joining the design and development planning together. Development is what gave gXe their name. Many agencies can talk the talk, but what about the walk? We don’t BS you in saying we can perform, only to deliver a less than perfect product. Read our testimonials. We have dedicated most of our careers to learning the the most efficient and productive ways to create one-of-a-kind solutions that fit within your abilities, needs and budget. Our goal remains focused on your vision to develop an outstanding website through clean coding and user-friendly navigation; an easy-to-use content management system and back end. At gXe, we develop all of our projects using PHP language, which is strongly backed by experienced developers. This platform allows us to create an expandable project so that your site can always remain fresh and ALL work is done right here in the great USA!

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Move onto the next step in the process, Growth.

A Few Thoughts On DIY Website Services...

If you’ve been thinking about a do-it-yourself service to build your web presence, there are several things you should consider. Many DIY services will allow you to build a basic site for “FREE” but after you launch your site, you will be charged to keep your site live. Add on wanting the ability to allow visitors to contact you, or to be found on search engines, or even assistance and your monthly charge could be $100s of dollars a month. Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve gone down this road, we don’t judge. Everyone is looking to cut costs in their business, including gXe. We guarantee that we will never recommend something for your business you don’t need, and will justify every charge.

Check out some reviews...

Wix.com (if you're going to use a DIY service, Wix is who we'd recommend)

We give this information, not to deter you from contacting us, but some businesses would prefer to do everything from start to finish.

gXe is a business that serves all sizes of businesses, however we build CUSTOM designs and websites that are created for your specific needs.