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Why gXe?

graphXevolution is a highly respected, professional web design and marketing agency. While we have offices in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, we have serviced many US based companies. Since 2005, our team's been providing high-quality graphic design, web development services, marketing, and web strategies to businesses of all sizes.

How do we do it?

We have heard all sorts of horror website stories. If you have had a bad experience, we invite you to read about our development process and then drop us an email. No obligation, let's just have a conversation.

  • We are open: By telling you what we're doing, how we're doing it, where your money is going, what's going to happen, and what we really think.
  • We are outstanding: We believe in standing out and being remembered, because gutless marketing is worse than no marketing at all.
  • We are fun: Web development and marketing done right is one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences a person can experience.
  • We are always learning: We're constantly learning, experimenting, and exploring new ways to get things done.
  • We are flexible: Goals, expectations, competition, preferences, and finances all change quickly—and we change with them.

Thinking about hiring us?

Thinking that graphXevolution might be the right fit? A few things you should know...

  • With detailed outlines you'll see the steps in getting from Point A to Point B. Call it our blueprint, map, or whatever you'd like.We take things a step at a time. 
  • You'll talk directly to the individuals working on your project. No middle-men, no overseas outsourcing, all US of A.
  • Our staff is local. Our entire staff is located in the eastern United States. Even though we don't answer phones or emails before 8:30am EST, we have been at it since early morning.
  • You're going to hear from us ALOT! A quick email or 30-minute meeting is cheaper than 20 hours of work wasted if we aren't on the same page.
  • We believe in sustainable work habits. When we leave our desks at the end of a day it lets us recharge, rest and more often than not, come up with some outstanding solutions, reducing stupid errors.
  • We have fun. Want to join in? Drop us an email.

What do our customers think?

While we have received awesome testimonials, we still invite you to contact any client in our portfolio and speak to them directly. Our customers rave about our services to others and we enjoy word-of-mouth referrals. Not since our inception have we needed to advertise our custom website development services. It's like the "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" commercial from the 70's (if you're old enough to remember) ..."they told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on."

As a side note, did you know you can still buy Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo? Hehe ;)

Still aren't convinced?

We know that all facets of a project are equally important; Budget, Design, Development, Usability and Communication. That's why we provide detailed timelines, project costing, weekly status updates, and live development links.

  • We develop using PHP technology.  A web standard programming language, PHP is used by developers worldwide, including the popular website creation system, WordPress. 
  • Our web systems are developed on a proprietary system using PHP coding that can be easily built onto and transferred if you ever chose to work with a new developer. We developed our own CMS system after conferring with dozens of clients and WordPress users about their likes and dislikes of the WordPress system. While a very robust system, many times WordPress was overkill for the user.
  • We do employ developers who are WordPress experienced. If WordPress is the solution you prefer, let us know and we will be happy to provide proposals and examples of previous WordPress projects.
  • If you are looking for a Drupal or Joomla developer, your efforts would be better spent searching Google for this special kind of developer. We do not develop, manage or recommend these platforms.

PHP Application Development

As opposed to the Microsoft proprietary.NET, our PHP programmers utilize PHP an open source (FREE) language. Perfect for PHP application development, it has become the standard for our web application developers for designing web applications.

PHP application development is an integral part of daily development. It can be best combined with other languages to create a unique, customized web application. Our PHP programmers utilize JavaScript and Ajax with PHP, building dynamic, interactive applications including a variety of modules such as:

  • Dynamic News Feeds;
  • Event Calendars;
  • Content Management Solutions;
  • Sortable Databases;
  • Rich Media Applications;
    And a variety of custom developed web applications.

All of this functionality produces a more fulfilling, user-friendly experience for your visitors.

With the use of MySQL, we are able to perform database web application development to build highly functional, database driven applications. PHP allows for various areas of extra functionality that will create an ever-growing website that continues to produce results.

  • We will never tell you that you have to buy this or that for us to work with you;
  • We will ALWAYS present all costs upfront;
  • We will always be HONEST with you regarding presentation and functionality of your site;
  • We will always LISTEN to your ideas and do our best to accommodate them.
  • All work is done in the great USA!!


Our policy is to require 50% deposit down when contracts are signed and the balance of the original proposal, plus any additional work that was completed and agreed to, paid before the site launches. 

To ensure that all customers schedules are met timely, any project that goes beyond 30 days without communication from the client, a $500 charge is incurred and due before the site launches.

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